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I'm going to start trying to do trip reports of our visits to the Disneyland Resort, with pictures. This is my first entry, for our trip September 29, 2002 to September 30, 2002.

We left Lakeside at noon on Sunday, stopped at Del Taco in Santee for lunch. I had a classic chicken burrito combo. Brian had a Del Cheeseburger combo. I think in the future, I'll forgo the combo and just have the burrito. For some reason, carbonated sodas haven't been agreeing with me the past couple of years and I don't need the fries. It was definitely a mistake.

We got to the hotel about two thirty and checked in. From there, we went to Disney's California Adventure. I forgot to take the camera. I wish I had.

First thing we did was get fastpasses for "Soarin' Over California", then we went over to the Taste Pilot's Grill for lunch. I had a chicken burger. Big mistake. The onion rings were horrid. The sandwich was dry and tasteless. Brian didn't like his food either. I think from now on, if I eat there, I'll have their chicken salad. It's pretty good. And I'm not drinking sodas, either. Bottled water for me. My stomach was upset the rest of the night. But that didn't stop me from eating more. I wish I could feel as bad before I start eating all this crap as I do when I'm finished. *burp*

We stayed at the Grand Californian, room overlooking Downtown Disney. I got a balloon when we checked in and I tied it to the balcony railing so that we could see our room from Downtown Disney.

Brian in the elevator.

The walkway to Disney's California Adventure park. Guests at the Grand have their own "exclusive" entrance to DCA.

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