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After checkout, I took this picture looking up at our hotel room. You can see my balloon.

Where we would have had breakfast if we hadn't been so anxious to get home. Coco's. We'll most likely eat there our next trip up. I've really not cared for the menus at the parks in recent years. Whatever I like, they do away with. So, we end up spending a bunch of money on food we don't like.

This was on the drive home. Pretty nice weather. Cool and cloudy.

Driving 5 south, a shot of the ocean Monday morning.

We really liked the room, but there was one problem and that was the tub didn't drain quickly at all. It was very, very sluggish. There was still standing water from my shower when Brian took his. And we're finding out that the noise from outside is a problem. We've stayed at three different areas of the DGC and the quiet room didn't have a balcony with a little table and chairs. We like sleeping with the door open to let in the cool night air, we like natural over mechanical. Next trip up, we're taking some ExcedrinPM (for me) and ear plugs for Brian.

Other than that, it was nice. The mattresses are really firm and you can request a refrigerator instead of the honor bar, which we will do on our next trip. The little coffee maker is nice. A ready source of hot water, for chocolate, instant oatmeal or soups.

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